East Friesian Sheep Breeding, Sales & Dairy Products in Hiwassee, VA

Schaeffer Valley Farms is located in the scenic Mountains of Hiwassee, VA. We specialize in raising the purebred East Friesian sheep breed. We also produce a variety of dairy products including milk, cheese and eggs. At Schaeffer Valley Farms we also raise chickens and cattle obtained from all over the United States and Canada. We feed only the best in organic feed products to our animals which promotes a natural healthy, non-chemical environment for our animals. We promote a natural lifestyle for all of our animals.

The East Friesian is a breed of dairy sheep originating from East Frisia in northern Germany. The East Friesian is considered one of the best sheep breeds in terms of milk yield per ewe. Another attraction of the breed is a relatively high average number of lambs born per ewe. East Friesian are great dairy sheep and their milk yogurt is the absolute best! Call today find out more about our milk, cheese, eggs products as well as our East Friesian Sheep breeding. Call us at 540-980-5481.

Why Choose The East Friesian Sheep Breed?

  • Originated in the Lower Saxon Province of Germany
  • The most productive dairy sheep breed in the world
  • Smaller flocks produce a higher volume and quality of milk
  • Larger than other sheep and able to raise up to 5 lambs
  • Can produce white or black wool (12 lbs. – wool/ewe/yr)
  • East Friesians face, legs and tail are wool free
  • Hardier then most other breeds of sheep
  • Forward pointing wool less ears and a long thin tail
  • Large framed characteristics
  • East Friesians have very lean meat
  • A Mature ewe can weight up to an average of 187 lbs.
  • Produce a high milk yield per ewe

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